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7 easy ways to stay mobile over the silly season

Written by Karen Finlayson on December 7th, 2016.      0 comments

It’s the silly season and rightly or wrongly you may be finding it hard to fit everything in – if you are finding your running or training sessions getting pushed to the back of the priority list don’t despair – here are some EASY ways to keep mobile without adding MORE to your busy schedule! 
1. Turn your shopping into a great movement experience – wear your ‘active wear’ and trainers and walk from Man Shopping-494shop to shop with purpose, incorporate the squat movement as you move about – squat down to lower shelves instead of leaning down, carry your shopping bags as weights – load em up and cherish the added exercise your abs and shoulders are getting – uneven weights are great to challenge your core – just change them from arm to arm. 

2. Instead of getting grumpy because all the carparks are taken plan to park in an area you know will be free (and further away) – shift your mind-set and embrace the extra walk to and from the shops/work etc. And the extra carry time you get too!

3. Getting the garden or house exterior looking good for xmas is a great opportunity for some strength and mobility training – be body aware, use a squat instead of leaning over, use a deadlift technique for lifting, embrace the heavy lifting, lugging and hauling – just be mindful of keeping your spine in neutral where you can and taking stand up breaks often! 

Man cleaning-8064. Likewise doing the housework and extra cleaning in time for the holidays – another awesome exercise opportunity – swap the vacuum from side to side and bend your knees to keep your spine in neutral, mopping or sweeping is the same, window cleaning gives you some great overhead shoulder exercise (draw your shoulder blades down). 

5. Writing up xmas cards? Do it squatting in front of your coffee table instead of sitting. 

6. Join your kids in the playground – monkey bars are a great form of shoulder (and hand) strengthening, climbing the ropes or climbing frames, squatting in the sandpit – all great exercise options. 

7. Cooking up a storm? Instead of using a whizz try doing it like your granny did with a knife – all that chopping will pump up your arm and hand muscles – this works great with pesto; squat to remove cooking from the oven and repeat repeat!

Most of all choose to relax, xmas is what it is, embrace the opportunity to move your body in any way you can as that’s what it’s made for and enjoy your hard won holidays.



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