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Bodyneed Team 2018 - What We Are Up to!

Written by Karen Finlayson on February 7th, 2018.      0 comments

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Its setting up to be a busy old year for the crew at Bodyneed with so many exciting adventures on we thought we would share. Check out which of your favourite massage therapists is training to become a pilates teacher? And who will be appearing at the Commonwealth Games?

So maybe that was a tiny bit misleading – you thought one of us was actually competing right? And fair dues we are a pretty accomplished bunch! But not quite… Natalie Gallant gets to be head physiotherapist for the Faulkland Islands team at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in April – soo cool!
And she’s adding cross country racing and handstands to her goals for the year!

Natalia is training to be a pilates instructor this year – so watch out class peeps this world champ windsurfer is no push over and she will be teaching your classes soon!

Marion is doing the Pinc and Steele Pilate’s courses to learn how to support people affected by cancer, helping them take their first steps on the road to recovery. And she wants everyone to know she is training for her first 5K run! (gentle encouragement when you see her in class is welcomed)

Fernanda is brushing up her formidable Reformer skills with some Advanced Stott Reformer training later this year...Yikes!

And Niki (besides completing her final year of a bachelor of naturopathy, holistic nutrition and herbal medicine!!) is looking at learning either Animal Flow or Garuda! Which one do you think she should do – and remember this will be taught in her classes!

And if you have been into any of my (Karen’s) classes of late you might have noticed a bit of hanging, swinging, lifting and carrying going on? – that’s my preparation for the Movnat certification I’m doing in April – a philosophy and system of natural primal movement to create strong capable bodies at any age and stage.

I know you are not surprised at all of this – we are a group of extremely passionate practitioners, we love what we do, we love learning and endeavour to always be open to new more helpful ways to help you our clients and our community. So watch out as this year is going to be huge!



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