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Faces of Bodyneed - Karen

Written by Bodyneed Team on June 15th, 2016.      1 comments


At Bodyneed we really love the unique stories of our clients and staff and decided it would be cool to share some with you. We plan to regularly profile people from our Bodyneed community in our new feature, we are coining 'Faces of Bodyneed'.  

It makes sense to start by profiling Karen Finlayson, as needless to say, without her we wouldn’t be here. You may know Karen as a massage therapist, Pilates instructor and owner of Bodyneed. This month we asked Karen to talk about how she got into business and what have been the highs and lows of the last 15 years (that’s right it is Bodyneed’s 15th birthday this year!!). We also took this lovely pic of her… in case you are thinking…."which one is Karen again"? 

So enjoy our very first profile........

Karen Finlayson (2)

"In my late 20’s I was looking for a career I could be passionate about. I have always had an interest in complimentary health and thought I might like Osteopathy. I ended up doing a short course on massage to see if I liked the industry. I instantly loved it and what it can do for people, so I decided to build a business to provide this awesome service to more people.

During my year of study we had a weekend (!!) course on business management where we had to pull a business plan together. At the time our teacher said ‘think about what you want in the future – to work on your own or to build an empire’ I can be somewhat competitive and when offered that challenge I foolishly said ‘an Empire!’ hence Bodyneed was born …

There have been plenty of challenges along the way – when your business is your people and ebbs and flows depending on who is in your team and how often they are present – it’s pretty challenging but we have been lucky to have some incredible people join us over the years, some of whom I will be eternally grateful for their awesome input.

Our clients are a constant source of inspiration, and fascination - their stories, supporting them to achieve amazing goals, getting to share in their wins and losses and seeing them progress in confidence and ability. And our team – we work so closely together and have an amazing group here of like-minded professionals – it’s a pretty happy place to work in – we don’t get grumpy clients so it’s hard to be grumpy ourselves!

Sometimes I love being my own boss and building my wee empire – but sometimes it’s the most stressful thing in the world. But looking back it’s been an incredible journey on so many levels with personal and professional growth I would never have had if I had followed a safer job path."


Above: Karen Finlayson captured at the Bodyneed Clinic May 2016

IMG 5518 IMG 5519
Above: Karen busy in the studio teaching a Pilates session.   


Rebecca Dodson says ...
Great read Karen. Having been on the team from years 13-15 it was nice to hear about the beginning. Its a really good business!!!!
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