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Faces Of Bodyneed - Meet Tony Frith

Written by Bodyneed on November 1st, 2016.      0 comments


What brought you to bodyneed sports clinic? 

I was struggling with the after effects of an osteochondral fracture of the talar bone (broken ankle) that initially was diagnosed as a sprain. It took two years to get it properly diagnosed and was subsequently operated on. The surgeon said and I quote "you won't ever run again, and you'll probably not walk properly either”. I was with another physio for a year prior to Bodyneed, and I was frustrated by the lack of progress when my brother Ben said "go see Bodyneed they'll sort you out". Was somewhat worried at first but that swiftly dissipated with the friendly smiles and professional ethic of the team (Catherine, Jen, Hannah). 


Tell us about your fitness journey - and what are your goals now? 

Fitness journey? Well that's been a project in process along the way. As my health and my ankles and subsequently calves have started to come right I'm gradually increasing the amount of activity. I do however need to make more time for ensuring this progresses. I've managed the Auckland Xterra Trail Series this year and enjoyed the short course with reasonably decent times around the middle of the walker pack. Gradually increasing in speed. I can now do 5-6 km walks with little if any pain which is a significant achievement. So pleased to be able to walk again, without constant pain.


Do you have any tips for others in a similar situation as yours?

Go to Bodyneed ASAP. Get treated by their professional team. Keep focused on being able to regain your fitness and eventually to do what you're happy doing. 
When the doctor tells you it's just a sprain keep bugging them if it still hurts. In fact, bug them till they get you properly checked out - in my case this meant an MRI scan. 


Tell us about the work you do?

I'm a primary school teacher in a decile 1 school. I love my job. I love making a difference to our future. Our kids are definitely worth the effort. I work very long hours; on average a 50-60hr week on site and frequently take work home to complete. There are many challenges in my job but then when I look at the smiles on the children's faces as they achieve, it becomes obvious that it's worth the time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul and effort that I put in. I learn from my children as well, and often think that the lessons I learn are equally as important as those they learn from me. Some of the most profound learning has first come through children. Put in the time and you can make a difference that affects the future!!

We also know you have quite an active family - how has this affected your life? 

Love being active!! Want to become more active!! In my family, we are all mad keen about physical activity, adventure sports of the extreme version and just getting out into the beautiful hills and forests of our incredibly gorgeous country. My youngest brother is an inspiring endurance athlete having completed multiple marathons and coast to coast races with excellent times. My other brothers (3 +1) and sisters (2) all enjoy a wide range of sports. My father loves the speed of road cycling and inspires me to think big. My mother walks marathons and is super inspiring, I honour her by appreciating her sheer determination, her passion and her commitment. I'd love to do a full marathon and to compete in adventure races like coast to coast and to do so I need to be inspired by those I love to do more than I ever thought I could. To put it simply my family is my inspiration, my drive and my support as I pull myself up and head towards the goals I have in view. 



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