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HIIT Classes are here!

Written by Karen Finlayson on November 19th, 2017.      0 comments

HIIT Class
HIIT Classes are here! You asked for classes that would help with weight loss and fitness and we listened! High Intensity Interval Training Classes …. Bodyneed Style!!

Bodyneed HIIT classes throughout the week – Monday, Wednesday 5.30pm, Tuesday 6.30pm, Thursday 12.30pm see timetable
Invigorate – Mondays 6.30AM (A Niki Loe signature class)

We designed these body weight cardio and strength classes to perfectly compliment your pilates and yoga practice and boost your fat burning systems into full gear!

These are not just any old HIIT classes – they have been designed with bodyneed clients in mind. That means they can flex to most body types, ages and physical abilities – yes you heard me correctly – High Intensity training is for ALL AGES!
Research suggests it is the ultimate anti-aging workout! The benefits of briefly pushing your body to the max, then letting it recover, and then pushing it again, helps improve cardiovascular and respiratory health, reduce fat and control glucose, according to recent studies with additional benefits for older adults, namely reversing signs of aging within cells.

The key to our Bodyneed classes (Bodyneed HIIT and Invigorate) is they are self-motivated (to a certain extent – though we are there to help with that too) you push yourself as hard as you want. Meaning you can easily have a 20 something side by side with a 50 something – each is moving at their OWN pace. Each is getting the level of workout they need for their fitness. As you get fitter and stronger you will push yourself harder – hence it is perfectly scalable.

"I love it! So much fun to work so hard! Plus I'm noticing more energy now throughout my day" 
Jenny P. 56 yrs, HIIT class 1 x weekly and pilates classes 2 x weekly

Does High Intensity mean high impact?
NO only if you want to – that’s what is so great – you can get a highly charged fat burning workout without the need to jump around – so YES you can still do this with your dodgy knee, back or hips… we just keep the impact out of it.

What about injuries?
For any injuries that you are in rehabilitation for we recommend sticking with pilates and circuit classes until you get the go ahead from your physio.

Just getting back into exercise after a big break?
A rule of thumb is give yourself a month of pilates classes first to lay the groundwork of strength in your body and learn how to use your body most effectively. After that try a class and see how you get on – remember you work at your own pace and the more you come the easier it gets!

What kind of exercises do you do?
Bodyneed HIIT classes (including Invigorate) start with a thorough pilates style warm up to bring your heart rate up gently and get all parts of your body firing and ready to move. Then we move into the higher intensity segments – this will include mostly body weight only exercises such as squat jumps, mountain climbers, skipping, high knees and of course the ubiquitous burpee!
All of the exercises are scalable and all have low impact options. It’s the intervals that produce the magic so the intense bursts are just that – bursts followed by rest… you see how I did that…?

Who should avoid this type of training?
As I said above it really is scalable for everyone – having said that there are some conditions that will need a GPs permission first:
  • Heart conditions
  • Seriously overweight
  • Acute injury
  • Serious illness
  • Pelvic Pain, Prolapse, Symptomatic Diastasis Recti, Incontinence (note low impact options are available – we recommend you get the go ahead from your women’s health physio first – it really depends on the severity of the case and what treatment if any you have undertaken – you can talk to us privately first if you need to)
Bodyneed HIIT and Invigorate classes are on at varied times during the week – give it a try today!!



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