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Is Morfa the new black?

Written by Simone St Clair on August 13th, 2016.      0 comments

In a world where ‘activewear is the new black’ and every man and his dog seems to be releasing a new range – I mean even Kanye has his own line! The choice may seem endless but if you are serious about finding the perfect workout attire it might actually be harder than you think.
What makes good activewear? Obviously, there isn’t a blanket answer for everyone but in my opinion, it has to be comfortable, but not too comfortable (can’t have it getting in the way of performance). The fabric should breathe but give you some protection against the elements (at least until you break a sweat) and it should also wear well because after all your searching you want to be able to use it a lot more than once! And without sounding too vain, it would be nice if it looked good too cause who knows where you might find yourself in your activewear (you should definitely check out the activewear parody if you haven’t already)! Lastly, it should also be affordable – not like Auckland house prices!

So with the above in mind, this month we have taken some time to chat to Gregory O’Connor the Kiwi entrepreneur behind Morfa - elevated active essentials, who design activewear for both men and women.
Gregory, an athlete himself, has recognised the need a need for high-end quality activewear which has led him to develop and design and produce a new range of activewear. Morfa is a New Zealand based business, hailing from Parmerston North. It is still new on the scene but is making an impact with quality fabrics and sleek functional designs.

How did you get into fashion?
Gregory: I have always been interested in fashion and thought about studying fashion design at university, but did not think I was creative enough so I pursued a business qualification. A few years ago I saw a gap in the New Zealand activewear market and just started researching what was available. I just went for it and everything progressed from there.
Why active wear? What drew you to this? 
G: I love fitness and have a background in team sports. I played soccer for the University of Tampa and have represented New Zealand at Futsal (indoor soccer). I had spent a lot of money on activewear and became tired of the same old big brand products on offer in New Zealand. I became aware of a range of brands overseas offering hi-end activewear with better quality and better designs and more unique styling. These products were exciting to me, so I decided to create a New Zealand company that offered these types of products with our own spin.
Gregory O'Connor (2)-247-389-434

Future plans? Future goals?
G: Our plans for the near future are to grow our brand awareness and widen our product range, which includes releasing our tights and men’s shorts.
As for long term, we want to establish Morfa as specialist in high-end active lifestyle wear with a unique minimilist style. This means as well as the high performance clothing we aim to produce addition ranges which provide more active casual styles for wearing outside of the studio or gym.
We’re also looking into different fabrics such as Merino, Bamboo, Carbonised and silver fibre blends which will allow us to produce these products. Ultimately we want to have Morfa to be established internationally.
Who or what is your biggest influence/or inspiration?
 G: I’m really appreciate quality and fine detailing. I like seeing a garment that looks clean and simple from a far but when you get up close you see it has unique detailing when it comes to activewear there is so much colour, branding and noise. I prefer a more clean and understated look.
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