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Mobilise Your Body While You’re at Work!

Written by Karen Finlayson on August 1st, 2017.      0 comments

How to create a dynamic movement focused workstation

We all know that we should be moving more and sitting less but wow how hard is it to remember to move when you are knee deep in your busy workday? In reality it has to start in your head with resetting your priorities – how important is it that you move more? Do you have a tonne of stretches you are supposed to do to help with your training? Has your physio been asking you to do more glute work, calf stretches, hip flexor stretches etc etc ? Is your list of home rehab exercises getting longer than your shopping list? Maybe it’s time to stack your life and get that mobility and rehab work done when you are at work!

It’s super easy to bring mobility into the workplace – get over your shyness, embrace your comfiest work clothes and check out our wee video below…

Here is a rundown of those exercises:

Sit forward in chair don’t use chair back = more core stability needed
Rolled up towel under sit bones
Sit with legs extended in front of you or out to side = release hamstrings and adductors
Figure 4 stretch for hips - cross 1 ankle over other knee and tilt pelvis forward – if you can’t or it hurts your knees build up your chair with pillows until you can – move knee to centre
Knees sore? – add more pillows – pelvis tips forward not head or chest
Chair Squats = Glutes and hamstrings strength! Keep shin vertical don’t let knees go over toes

Calf Stretches – rolled up towel or half round under forefoot, keep knee straight
Front of foot stretch
Toe joint mobilisers
Calf Raises, knee bends, bent knee calf raise = all great for calf / foot / knee issues
Quad stretch
Hamstring stretch
Adductor stretches
Squats = glute and hamy strength
Single leg standing balance, Single Leg Dips = awesome for runners!

Check out this great site for more tips on dynamic workstations - Nutritious Movement

NZ companies doing easy conversions for stand up desks…




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