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Natalia’s Epic Road to Rio – Update…

Written by Natalia Kosinska - Bodyneed on May 24th, 2016.      0 comments

“The regatta in Hyeres didn't go as well as I was hoping ( I finished 24th). I was the opposite of being on form! I found wind conditions very challenging and couldn't get my race strategy right. Cutting short wherever I went on the course- was bad! ...less wind or bad angle. It happens sometimes ... I'm trying not to be too harsh on myself and remember that a couple of months ago I was sailing well in Israel.

Last week I heard from the selectors and have not been nominated for the Olympics it's very disappointing and I'm in the process of appealing their decision. I've got a very good lawyer and am positive. The matter should be resolved if needed in front of the Sport Tribunal of Sport New Zealand. I'm hoping it won't take longer than two weeks. By June 1st New Zealand needs to release my spot at the Olympics to the next country in line that hasn't qualified. Most likely this will mean that someone ranked far below me will get to go to the Olympics …

Please keep fingers crossed for me!"

For more info here is a recent article Yachting New Zealand have only nominated two sailors in the second tranche of 2016 Olympic selections for five qualified events.


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