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Running for a Reason - published in Youthline Magazine, Heyday the story of multi-sporter Ben Frith

Written by Chloe Vaughan on January 6th, 2016.      0 comments

Ben Frith Cycle-626-564
Ben Frith (26) has been part of the running circuit for about four years. It was after
he returned from a stint in the UK doing his OE that he sought help for a longstanding
ankle injury. He’s a junior Sous Chef and got into cooking when he was 16


How did you get into running?
Ben got into running when he was young.

“I needed something to keep me active because I could tell that I was going to become a slob and also something to make me get up in the morning.”
“I went through a pretty tough time (while working in England). (Running) was the thing that kept me going.”
“Going for my run each day got me ready for the day, ready to face these people that I hated, then when I moved to Spain, to get away, it became a daily routine, to make me get up in the morning and force me to do something with my day before I went to work.”

He used to run down to the beach every day to relax and breathe some fresh air before he went to work.
The setback
He says that on his way back from a holiday in NZ he stopped off in Korea and was running down a hill to see the temples and slipped on some loose stones and injured his ankle.

"I came back to Auckland with a pretty serious injury and managed to get semi pain free through physio.
I then re-injured my ankle when I started racing and so I had done a half marathon and that is when I came across Bodyneed
...They helped me get through that period because at the time I was eight weeks out from running a full marathon."

He had already signed up to run a full marathon when he injured his ankle.
He says Bodyneed helped him with physio and massage and they put him in touch with a running coach to help him train for his competitive running races.

Currently he does Pilates once a week at Bodyneed to help with stretching and with muscle development.
He says he does a lot of multisport alongside the running. Multisport is running, cycling and white water kayaking.

“I’m fairly successful, but I’m not one of the top athletes....but I am getting there through sheer persistence."

“...Running has kept me away from bad habits like smoking and drinking, and drugs and it’s really given me something to strive for and (it has been great to) belong to a group of athletes..”

Since then he has dedicated his free time to running and sports. Although he now focuses on trail running.
It is much more pleasant to run along a trail than along Tamaki Drive. There’s less exhaust fumes and more nature on a trail.

His ultimate goal is to run a Marathon in under three hours and his personal best currently is 3:11.
So to break that down for you, he’s aiming to do 10kms in 4 minutes. He admits it’s relatively quick, especially when your body decides to stop playing ball at the turn around point at St Helliers.
He says it’s important to get your body used to the running so his training consisted of running half marathons (21km) on roads and on tracks.
“To take part in multisport and trialthlons I have to force my body to do long days and it helps that I am already accustomed to doing that with my day job,” he adds.

He ran the ASB Auckland Marathon this year and raised money for Breast Cancer NZ.


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