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The Bodyneed Team's Top Tips for Injury Prevention!

Written by The Bodyneed Team! on September 15th, 2015.      0 comments

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!
The key to avoiding injury is to never let it happen! We know easier said than done... here are our top tips to make it easier for you!

1. "Stand /sit tall - this is a postural tip that follows through no matter if you are training for a marathon or sitting at a desk all day. Imagine a giant is grabbing your hair at the crown of your head and pulling it up - relax your shoulders and your spine will fall into a gentle alignment. Use this technique when you are walking, running, sitting, driving to create a stress free posture that is perfect for avoiding injury and supporting good movement." 
Karen Finlayson, bodyneed owner, Sports Therapist, Pilates Trainer
2. "Honour your body and treat it with respect - warm up, cool down and always stretch. Tune in, listen to your body and respond to what it needs."
Jennifer East, Senior Physiotherapist  
3. "Do Pilates! Build a body that is strong and flexible. Watch your alignment. Learn to activate your core muscles and create stability throughout the body. Move your spine in all healthy ranges of motion. A balanced body is a happy body!"
Jo Scarlett, Pilates Manager

4. "Train SMART before you train hard and remember that recovery after training is essential for the body to build up stronger. Smart training will give you better results AND more time for recovery."
Noomi Johnsson, Customer Relations Manager 
5. "The key to keeping fit and preventing injury - a good cool down. It's as simple as gentle aerobic exercise like walking and one 30 sec static stretch on each major muscle group. Wearing compression tights following training and races will also help the legs recover quicker and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness." 
Catherine Porteous, Senior Physiotherapist 
6. "My top tip, a good warm up and stretching after every workout. Taking the time after your training session to slow your heart rate and stretch is often overlooked. My advice is to come up with a short routine of stretches that works for you and incorporate it into every session. See a physio or coach for advice about what you need to stretch then just commit to doing it." 
Wendy Brown, Senior Physiotherapist, Pilates Trainer 
7. "Three words - hydration, nutrition, and rest. Add in massage and maintain a positive attitude and you're on your way. Visualising being well and achieving your goals is also often overlooked and is good for a well-rounded training plan." 
Rebecca Dodson, Massage Therapist 
8. "Make time to stretch! We all have areas of our bodies prone to tightness, if we don't loosen our muscles, through massage and stretching regularly this can spiral into injury."
Melissa Rawstorn, Pilates Trainer 
9. "Know your limits. Rest when needed, don't push through pain and don't ignore little niggles. Focus on your game plan and enjoy the results."
Di Hood, Reception 
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