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Breathing for Better Performance – Simple Tips

Written by Bodyneed on June 24th, 2015.      0 comments

At Bodyneed we believe in keeping things simple and living life for the love of it. When it comes to breathing we try and make things as straight forward as possible – breathing is a tool not a rule!

If you have been taught specific breathing techniques- wonderful!  Not all breathing patterns work for all people, for example belly breathing is great for yoga but impossible for runners. Developing awareness of your body will help in any training. So what are our tips?

Enjoy the world and take it all in
Your posture directly affects your breathing, it is much more difficult to get the breath right through the lungs when the shoulders are tight and rigid and you are staring at your feet. So look up! Explore, scan the horizon! We live in such a beautiful place- make sure you see it every time you are out there training. Your body will follow your head, so if you look ahead and keep your shoulders relaxed your posture will improve, and it will be easier for your ribcage to move.

Breathing can help you relax and focus
Incorporating a healthy breathing pattern into your every day life can encourage focus, help you to relax and help avoid unnecessary tension- especially around the neck or shoulders. Try focusing in on your breathing during the day. Notice your posture and take a few moments to quietly breathe: scan through your body noticing where any areas of tension are.

Training for a stronger core?
How you breathe can really improve the recruitment of your abdominals and pelvic floor. All your abdominals attach into your ribcage and the facia connects with your diaphragm. If we breathe solely into our upper chest we can end up overusing the wrong muscles and flaring our ribcage. This makes it much harder to connect in with your abdominals. A natural relaxed breathing using your diaphragm, will send the breath to the lower lobes of the lungs. This will not only encourage optimal gas exchange and thus more oxygen to your muscles. But will allow you to connect in to your abdominals and pelvic floor- helping you to stabilise through your spine and pelvis.

Want to learn more? Pilates Classes are an excellent way for you to understand and tune in to your body. They will help you move with greater efficiency and consciousness, getting you closer to your goals and setting you up for success.
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