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Breathing for Better Performance – The Basics

Written by Bodyneed on June 24th, 2015.      0 comments

Breathing is something we take for granted. From the moment a child enters the world and takes their first breath we don’t give it a second thought. Runners, perhaps, are unique in that they have an understanding that breathing and how they breathe is crucial to their success. For those new to exercise it is important to understand how breathing can limit or enhance your performance.
Here’s a few points to consider:
1. Breathing can determine how long and far you can go.
If you have run for any length of time and are interested in the science of running, you will already be aware that oxygen is the fuel to your activity. Poor or inadequate breathing quickly leads to muscle fatigue. An efficient circulatory system and good breathing patterns are essential if you wish to perform long and well.
2: Poor breathing may be caused by muscle imbalances
Muscle imbalances may in fact be causing your poor breathing.  A key culprit is a weak core, which can affect your posture and lead to muscle imbalances. The diaphragm directly attaches in to your core and thus weakness in your core can make it much harder for your diaphragm to work efficiently. This can force you to overuse other muscles to compensate, creating potential problems.
3. Pilates and Breathing
One of the strategies that we use at Bodyneed to address poor breathing patterns is through the Pilates method of exercise. Breathing is one of the key principles in Pilates. By increasing your awareness of good breathing patterns you can start setting yourself up for success.
In part two of breathing for success we will discuss how to bring more awareness to your breath – read more here.
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