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Seven Critical Keys to Finishing Your Event

Written by Bodyneed on May 20th, 2015.      0 comments

There are 7 critical keys that you need to know before you embark on your training journey.  While you might finish without them, your journey will be easier and less painful if you make sure you incorporate these critical keys.
1. Follow the right training programme 

The type of programme you should follow will differ depending on whether you are a beginner, injury prone, or wanting to achieve a PB (that’s ‘personal best’ for the uninitiated).  Your personal needs can make a huge difference to the way you train for an event and it’s important that your programme can change with you.  That’s where a program downloaded from the internet just won’t cut it.  A good coach will help with all of this –especially when you have an emergency trip away, family dilemma or work blow out that causes you to get 2 weeks behind on your training.  That’s where your coach is invaluable.
Remember - if you do happen to get an injury your programme needs to change! 
Especially if you have had to stop training for a while (yes it can happen and it is OK!) Your physio will give you a specific injury programme to make sure you don’t over train as you get back into it again.  And they will work with your coach to guide you back on track
2.  Get gear fitted for you

With running it’s mostly about SHOES, with cycling it’s all about bike fit – whatever you are training for, make sure you see the experts!  The right gear fitted correctly can make the difference between fun and pain-free training vs pain, injury and misery!

3.  Get the right advice when it comes to your nutrition
Get this wrong and it can truly make the difference to you finishing at all.  The best advice?  Consult a sports nutritionist who specilises in your discipline.
4.  Know when to stop – Red Flags for Injury!
Knowing the difference between injury pain and ‘training pain’ is critical when trying to make it to the finish line.  If it hurts for more than 3 days it’s most likely an injury and you need to get to the physio!

Our motto – if in doubt check it out!!
5.  Stretch, stretch, stretch!
I would be very surprised to find anyone in the world today who hasn’t been told that they need to stretch more – but do you know why?  Training is repetitive and this means that the same muscles and joints are being used over and over for very long periods of time.  Muscles attach to bones to move our joints – when they get used they get shorter and then they stay that way as you cool down and repeat the patterns over again. 
6.  Understand and build the specific strength you need for your sport
Does your body function properly for your sport?  What is weak and what is strong, what is letting you down? The first step is to understand the type of strength you need for your sport and, in the case of running or triathlon, that’s not the same as you need for weightlifting! 
7.  Get regular sports specific massage
Yes we know it can be expensive BUT in reality it can make all the difference to how much you enjoy your training – happier, pain-free muscles mean you are less likely to injure and more likely to enjoy your event!



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