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So you think you’re fit, do you?!

Written by Joanna Scarlett on February 15th, 2015.      1 comments

I did! I was a Personal Trainer, taught 8 Zumba classes, 7 Boot Camp sessions and 4 dance classes a week. I participated in Total Sport Events on the weekends and ran a half marathon in 1 hour 43 minutes without training. I had a resting heart rate of 34 BPM and, for the first time ever, I was happy with the way my body looked. I was fit and proud of it.

 One day, while teaching Zumba I felt sharp pain in my hip. The agonizing pain lingered for weeks. It hurt when I danced, it hurt when I ran, and it hurt every time I got in and out of my car. It was clear that I had injured myself.  I knew if I didn’t take care of it soon I would be off work and not able to earn a living.

Motivated, I searched the internet and found a Physiotherapist who used Pilates as a part of her rehabilitation therapy. Rachael assessed me and came to the conclusion that my injury stemmed from having weak core and gluteus medius muscles. When I asked her, “How can that be? I am strong, I can do 100’s of squats and sit ups” she agreed and gently explained to me that some of my muscles were strong, but others were weak. We needed to build my core muscles and retrain my body to use the correct muscles to perform each movement.

As Rachael began to teach me Pilates I learnt about my core and how the pelvic floor and the transverses abdominus created stability in all of my movements. I learnt that, when engaged, these muscles supported my lower back and helped place my pelvis in optimal alignment. I learnt to develop good posture, and learnt where my head, shoulders, ribcage and pelvis should be positioned to achieve safe, healthy and efficient movement. I learnt the importance of moving through my spine in all ranges of motion to bring in nutrients and release toxins. I learnt how breathing could ease an exercise or make it harder. But the biggest lesson I learnt was that I did not need to do 100’s of repetitions to achieve results.  

It all made perfect sense. I started seeing positive changes in my life and found all the activities I loved becoming easier and more comfortable to do. Naturally I wanted share all my newfound knowledge with my clients so I decided to study Polestar Pilates and become a Pilates Instructor.

My journey led me to join the Pilates team at Bodyneed. I wanted to surround myself with people passionate about the human body, who were specialists in movement and found that at Bodyneed. I now work alongside some of the top Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists in Auckland and I’m proud to say I’m part of a team passionate about helping people stay fit and active for life. 


HJB says ...
Loved reading your personal story Jo... not to mention the AMAZING help and support you have given me over the past year (and ongoing) with our weekly pilates sessions. My back/nueral pain has reduced dramatically with your help and I am so grateful to you!
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