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Top tips to speed recovery this event season

Written by Bodyneed on February 15th, 2015.      0 comments

Event season is now in full swing and you may be in peak performance or you may be starting to feel the strain a little. With the majority of the year spent prepping and training for this season we know it’s easy to place recovery on the back burner. In fact, if you’re a goal-driven person factoring in time and effort for recovery may feel counter-intuitive.
Recovery, however, is a vital part of a training and race schedule. Failing to provide enough recovery time (easy days, active rest) can lead to over-use, increased injuries and decreased performance, a downward slope no one wants to walk!  
While the amount of time needed for recovery varies between individuals there are some active steps you can take to speed up and support effective recovery. Some are fun, some are no brainers, but all are worth the effort!
No.1: Get a Rub Down
We all know that there is nothing better for sore muscles than a good massage. Research has shown that, unlike other pain-relieving methods such as ice-baths or anti-inflammatory medications, massage actually speeds up and assists muscular recovery. A post-race (and training) must!
No. 2: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Staying well hydrated and continuing to eat well is as important post race as it is pre. Your body needs fuel to recover and restore damaged muscles as much as it needs time. Make sure you prioritise a few extra zz’s and take some time out to laugh and do something you enjoy. Laughter reduces your heart rate, releases endorphins, and helps drop you into a relaxed state – all of which aid recovery.
No. 3: Tend to your Wounded and Strengthen your Weak
Physio should be scheduled in as key part in your recovery plan, regardless of apparent injuries. Good physio will address your whole form and prep you for future races, enhancing performance and preventing further injury.
No. 4: Take a Recovery Class
Find it difficult to take it slow? Recovery classes are designed to facilitate “active rest”, particularly important for those who don’t know how to function without scheduled exercise. These classes incorporate movement mindfulness, breathing techniques, and balancing skills to improve mobility. Greater awareness of your body and how it moves will aid recovery and improve performance. 
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