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Studio Rules

  1. Our Studio
    1. Our Studio is designed as a place where members come to train, relax, and seek treatment. These Studio Rules are designed to ensure all our members have an optimal experience when they visit us or engage us to provide Services. Your respect for and adherence to these Rules is a condition of your membership or participation in any of our Services.

  2. Active participation
    1. We think of ourselves as a big family at Bodyneed and as such we will look after you to the best of our ability. We expect you to look after yourself and each other.
    2. We are a friendly bunch so say hi and introduce yourself to other members. Contribute on the private Facebook group, help and encourage others as they will support you too. The more engaged you become the greater your success on your journey will be!
    3. When it comes to training and your body – remember you're an adult, if you don’t want to do something or if you are injured speak up – there is ALWAYS an alternative exercise you can do. Also talk to your coaches – sometimes we don’t remember every issue of every member – so remind us and we will look after you :-)

  3. Respect for others
    1. We require that you respect others who use our Studio. This means that you must not engage in any behaviour which another person may find offensive or which is unlawful.
      Examples could include:
      1. Engaging in any form of harassment, inappropriate touching, discrimination, physical or verbal abuse;
      2. Wearing clothing which is lewd or inappropriate;
      3. Leaving the Studio messy or untidy after use, including the changing areas;
      4. Disrupting others’ use of the Studio;
      5. Engaging in any act (or omission) which is a health and safety risk to yourself or others;
      6. Carrying out an illegal act in the Studio.
    2. We may elect to remove you from the Studio or call the appropriate authorities where, having warned you already, you continue to disrupt the enjoyment of others or cause a risk to health and safety.

  4. Amenities
    1. Storage Lockers: There are storage lockers available for use. However, you must remove all your personal property at the end of your session.
    2. Lost and found: We operate a lost and found area which is located as you enter the Studio. We periodically dispose of items which are not claimed. We shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to property in our Studio.
    3. Water: Filtered water is available at the back of the Studio but please bring a water bottle.
    4. Toilets and changing: We have toilets and changing areas, but we do not have a shower in the Studio. However, we do have access to a shower located in a neighbouring business if you need one – just ask.
    5. Car parking: before 8am and after 5pm you may park in our neighbour’s car parks located beyond the steel gates to the right of the Studio. Outside of these times, we have 3 spaces to the right and paid street parking. Parking is on a first come first served basis.

  5. Clothing
    1. You should wear clothing which is appropriate for the activity you are participating in which includes appropriate shoes unless one of our Specialists permits otherwise.
    2. Your clothing should not be lewd or offensive and we reserve the right to ask you to change if we consider your clothing is offensive to others.
    3. We encourage the application of deodorant or anti-perspirant before participating in any strenuous activity.
    4. Please bring a towel to Group Classes or personal training sessions and ensure your water bottle is topped up.

  6. Use of equipment
    1. No Bodyneed equipment may leave our Studio unless you have been given prior permission.
    2. Please ensure all weights and equipment are wiped down after use and returned to their original storage position in the Studio.
    3. Do not use any equipment unless a Specialist has instructed you how to use it.
    4. Weights should be lowered to the floor gently so as not to create a noise. If you can’t do this, then the weight is too heavy.

  7. Attendance at appointments
    1. Please ensure that you arrive at the Studio in plenty of time for your Appointment or Group Class.
    2. We require 12 hours’ notice of a cancellation otherwise you will be charged the full fee.
    3. If you fail to attend an Appointment or Group Class without letting us know prior to the no-cancellation period you will be charged the full fee.

  8. Getting in touch
    1. If you need to get in touch with us, then email is a good way. We will respond to emails between Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm. and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours (weekends excluded). Otherwise, give us a call if you need a response sooner.

17 Maidstone Street, Ponsonby, Auckland

Parking: 3 carparks onsite and easy street parking;
more carparks are available on request – please
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