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What Our Clients Have to Say About Us..

Fleur Douglas - Trail Runner

"I have always had various issues with my body that I've dealt with, unsuccessfully, over the years by seeing many sports Fleur Douglas after running up the Schneeberg Summit-424massage therapists, physios, and chiropractic care. Over this time I came to the conclusion that I had a fundamentally unfixable body. I took up trail running in spite of this and I have never been quick or come anywhere but nearly last in events. 

However, I decided to give Bodyneed Ponsonby a try. After several sessions I can honestly say that everything has completely changed.  Together we painlessly worked out my specific trouble spots and released my muscles and improved my body more than any other massage therapist I have ever been to in my life.  Not only has this allowed me to speed my running up by more than thirty seconds per kilometer, and completely improve my form and muscle engagement particularly when running hills, but at the same time I have been inspired and helped to see my body as an advantage and positive attribute in everything I am striving to accomplish - I now believe I can set and accomplish any physical goal. I am officially a complete convert to sports massage - which in the past I have always dreaded due to the extreme pain I always personally experienced from it .
 I would recommend Bodyneed to absolutely anyone looking to improve any aspect of their athletic life.

Ben Frith - Multi-Sporter


Ben Frith Cycle-626"I first came across bodyneed at the Total Sport Xterra Trail run series 2012 – my calves were in pretty bad shape and the crew referred me to the bodyneed clinic.  My calf problems were bad and not getting better on their own. I was training for my first marathon – The Legend in September and didn’t want to stop. But they were awesome – they understood (they are runners too) and didn’t make me stop for too long and gave me heaps of options to work with. I ran my first full marathon and then my second (Auckland) 2 weeks later. First duathlon a month after that. I didn’t believe in massage before all this – but now I won’t train without it especially in peak weeks.


Craig Loomes - CEO

"After seeing a number of various type musculoskeletal specialists without success I thought there was no hope of getting back to 100% fitness again and it would be a case of spending the rest of my life dealing with the injury and pain the best I could, and worst of all not being able to enjoy my sport, I could not have been more wrong, after the first comprehensive assessment/treatment at Bodyneed Sports Clinic I could feel an improvement and knew there was hope. 
The treatment plan was not just to overcome the issue that was presenting but also to find and correct the root cause of the problem so it would not return. Bodyneed got me back to 100%, well in fact more than 110% because now the root cause has been solved along with advice on general good body conditioning, my strength, overall control and balance is better than ever, the previously long term re-occurring pain issues are a thing of the past.  I highly recommend Bodyneed to anyone whom has pain, flexibility or headache issues as a result of muscle or joint problems.  Even if you think you have nothing wrong, Bodyneed will most likely make you feel better than you ever imagined, they have certainly done this and more for me…
Thank you Bodyneed


Vinay Ranchhod - Graphic Designer

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to Bodyneed for helping through my injury and marathon training. Yesterday I completed the Queenstown Marathon with a time of 3 hours and 47 minutes, which is about what I had hoped for. I couldn't have done it without the treatment and advice from Bodyneed. Thanks again and I look forward to coming back for a recovery massage soon!"


17 Maidstone Street, Ponsonby, Auckland

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