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Restore & Move 6 Week Course

Join me to explore natural movement and a life less sedentary!

This is an invitation to join me on a 6 week exploration of natural movement and transitioning to a life less sedentary.

Having spent the past few months researching different trends such as Movnat and Nutritious Movement I have been inspired to explore how these practices can be implemented with clients and myself. Its about undoing the damage of years of sitting (sedentary), and exploring how this can be done in a real life world with real life people (and the demands of our modern work and home life).

You may have been struggling with injury, being told to exercise more and you struggle with finding yet another hour in your busy schedule or being told to train less due to health issues or injury.
You may be wanting to transition to a standing desk or minimal footwear and not sure where to start.

The plan:
Weekly ‘class’ 6.30pm on Wednesdays at bodyneed and in Western Park (yes we will be moving in a more natural environment!)
Cost – free – it’s my chance to try stuff out with you and observe different bodies and movement patterns and inhibitions – BUT please note the pre-requisites below…


1. You have already or are in the process of transitioning to a more mobile workstation – i.e. standing, squatting, floor sitting etc.
2. Commitment to moving, walking and doing the restorative exercises we work on daily – multiple times a day.
3. You have already or are in the process of (or thinking about) transitioning to minimalist shoes in everyday life (that’s as close as barefoot as possible). (I will allow some flexibility here)
The Details:

Wednesday 18th January 2017 to Wednesday 22nd February 2017
Time: 6.30pm
Where: Bodyneed Sports Clinic Studio and Western Park
17 Maidstone st, Ponsonby (easy parking) 
Cost: Free 
Book Online - Only a few spaces left

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Karen Finlayson About Karen and The Bodyneed Team:
"I have been in the health and sports industry for over 15 years (with qualifications in sports massage and clinical pilates) and have built up a thriving multidisciplinary Sports Clinic in that time bringing together some of Auckland’s top sports physiotherapists, massage therapists and pilates and movement specialists into the once space. Our knowledge is collective and we work together to empower our clients to not just get better but to learn how to stay that way. This workshop series draws not just on my own knowledge but on the extensive knowledge and experience of our team. We work with many elite and top level professional athletes from the NZ Football Ferns, elite netballers, professional triathletes, professional cyclists, ultra distance runners to CrossFit champions and this breadth of experience is what we want to share with you".

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