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Our Awesome Team!

Natalie Gallant - Sports Physiotherapist

Senior Physiotherapist, Born to Run Coach, Pilates TrainerIMG 3505bw-794
BSc.(Hons) Physiotherapy, Born to Run Coaching & Energetics Certs., APPI Pilates Mat Level 1, Acupuncture & Dry Needling, NZMPA Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy
Medic at the 2012 Olympic Games
Falkland Islands team Physiotherapist, 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow

Specialist Areas: Running/Runners, Lower back pain
Interests: Trail running, surfing, yoga & meditation, food!
Originally hailing from the UK ​I had the honor to train with the world-renowned running expert Lee Saxby, I hold Born to Run Coaching & Energetics certificates. I'm absolutely passionate about trail running myself, and can often be found muddy and grinning on trails around New Zealand. I really enjoy helping other runners develop into educated and mindful masters of the skill.
I also love working with 'non-sporty' injuries, taking great satisfaction in the successful treatment of low back pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Be prepared to leave with a little homework after seeing me, I'm all about self help and mindful movement to iron out those niggly issues!

Natalia Kosinska - Sports Massage Therapist

Senior Sports Therapist - MassageNatalia Kosinska Sports Therapist
Dip RM and Spa Therapies, MPhyEd, Dip Sail Coaching

Specialist Areas: Endurance Athletes, Sailing
Interests: Sailing, windsurfing, travel, psychology

I first became interested in massage and recovery strategies as an athlete. I have a first hand understanding of how massage prevents injuries, allows for bigger volume and intensity in training and helps to maintain good well-being.
Since I’ve completed my diploma I’ve worked with a range of clients, from athletes who are looking to maximise their training to highly stressed individuals who are trying to balance life's difficulties.
It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I can make a change to someone’s well-being.
In my downtime I windsurf (a lot!) and since narrowly missing out on Rio Olympics I have retired from professional sport and now windsurf just for fun - my last trip was out to the Poor Knights and back!
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Marion Guilbert - Pilates Trainer

Marion Guilbert Pilates TrainingPilates Trainer
Basi Pilates Trained

Interests: Travel, food, NZ outdoors, hiking, SUP and anything new to discover.

A shoulder injury was what first led me to immerse myself in Pilates, in search of healing. It worked. Finding myself pain-free and stronger than ever, I decided to become a Pilates teacher. Pilates has taught me how to celebrate my body, its restrictions and aptitudes and I now want to inspire men and women at all stages of their lives to shift their vision of themselves.

I believe that practiced in small groups or individual classes, Pilates can cater for everyone, making it possible to challenge, stretch, and strengthen the body while acknowledging its uniqueness. I now teach at Bodyneed and privately around Auckland, fitting my lessons to my clients’ needs, goals and schedules. Tailored to each client, my classes work the whole body, always with a generous dose of fun. Now in my mid-thirties, I am originally from Paris and have lived in Toronto, London and Sydney, before settling in Auckland in 2012.


Fernanda Rosa - Pilates & Personal Trainer

Fernanda Pilates Trainer Pilates Trainer, Personal Trainer
BSc Physical Education, Post grad. Physical Conditioning, Stott Pilates trained in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels

Interests: Swimming, mountainbiking, running, hiking, travelling

I have always been passionate about sports, from when I started competing in swimming as a child. This led me on to my professional career, as a swimming coach and Personal trainer. Among other sports such as mountainbiking and stand up paddleboarding, I also discovered my greatest passion: Pilates. After graduating in Physical Education followed by a Postgraduate course, I attended a number of courses in reformer, studio and mat Pilates by Stott Pilates - which led me to open my own Pilates Studio in Brazil in 2011. The more I work with Pilates, the more I value the benefits of it, and what can be achieved with the correct execution of exercises.


Ewa Bigio - Yoga Instructor

MINDFULNESS (2)-868Yoga Instructor
More info to come...


Niki Loe - Pilates & Personal Trainer

Niki Pilates Trainer headshotCert IV Master Personal Trainer and Pilates/Group Exercise Instructor - Australian Institute of Fitness | Nutrition Coach | Currently completing Bachelor of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine

My mission is to inspire others to smile, love, nourish and move in a way that allows us to devour life with great joy. 16 years in the health industry and there is no where else I’d rather be. My experience has taught me that no two people are ever the same, that success is not measured by numbers but by feelings and that the power of the human spirit should never be underestimated.

With an approach to holistic strength, I love challenging the body to explore the depths of its own potential by incorporating body weight, pilates, flexibility and interval training with natural movement and always laughter. We must enjoy moving our body in order to make exercise a long term, sustainable compliment to our lives.


Karen Finlayson - Owner, Pilates & Movement Trainer

Bodyneed Owner, Pilates and Movement Trainer, Sports TherapistKaren Finlayson Pilates Trainer
Stott Pilates Trained, Total Barre Qualified Instructor, Dip Therapeutic Massage, BA

Interests: Hiking, trail running, pilates and movement, MovNat, reading, nutrition

15 years ago when I started on my journey of wellbeing via massage - I never realised that I would still be as fascinated and intrigued today as I was when I started.  The human body never ceases to amaze me - how incredibly adaptable it is, the amazing feats of athleticism and endurance we can put ourselves through and I am constantly in awe of what our clients get up to.  The building of both my own practice and this company as a whole has been a hugely rewarding journey and one I hope to continue for many years to come.
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