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High 5-0 and Claire

Written by Bodyneed on March 13th, 2015.      0 comments

High 50 Challenge

Claire Fox is a very regular client and friend of Bodyneed. But we have another reason to love this fabulous lady. She’s recently signed up to be a support runner for High 5-0, a grueling charity challenge raising awareness for Mental Health in New Zealand…


The Lowdown on Stretching

Written by Bodyneed on March 6th, 2015.      0 comments

Stretching for Runners

We all know stretching is important but do you know why? Our expert shares the ins and outs, ups and downs, where to's and why's of getting your stretch on....

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So you think you’re fit, do you?!

Written by Joanna Scarlett on February 15th, 2015.      1 comments

Superfit Jo Scarlett, our Pilates Trainer extraordinaire, shares how she discovered Pilates and her journey to become a trainer. If you think you're fit you need to read this! 

Top tips to speed recovery this event season

Written by Bodyneed on February 15th, 2015.      0 comments

When you are all go it can be really hard to pull up and prioritise time for recovery. But failing to do so can put a real dampener on your goals. We share some of our top tips to speed recovery and get you functioning your best sooner…
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