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Power Up your Performance  
The more you know the better you get!

Understand how your body works for your sport to target your performance and achieve your potential!

Knowledge is power and the more you learn about how your body moves (or doesn’t move) when you are swimming, cycling or running the more chance you have of truly excelling at your chosen sport or adventure. If you are looking to continue your life of movement and fun, limit injuries and really achieve your potential this series is for you.

A 3 part practical workshop for runners and triathletes where you will test and measure your movement patterns and alignment for swimming, cycling and running; you will measure what is weak and strong in your body, what muscles are short and which are long.  And specifically you will learn how all of that influences your technique and performance and what to do about it – finding exercises, stretches and self-massage that will work for YOU.

What you will learn:
  • Basic anatomy applicable to your sport and associated movement patterns (basic biomechanics) 
  • Your postural type - what areas are weak and what areas are strong in your body and hence what areas need strengthening vs lengthening for you.
  • Based on your outcomes you will learn specific stretches, self-massage and strengthening exercises that will most benefit YOU!
  • Take home your very own ‘Body-Map’ and home programme designed to go anywhere with you and work in with any training programme – great to hand to your coach so they have a clearer picture of your body and its susceptibility to injury 
The Details:

 March 15th, 22nd, 29th
Time: Wednesdays 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Where: Bodyneed Sports Clinic, 17 Maidstone st, Ponsonby (easy parking) 
Cost: $120
Registrations Limited to 10 People

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A word from our clients:
“The more I run and train, the more I learn about myself, my body, my limitations, and also how I can push my body so much further than I would have imagined 1-2 years ago. Listening to my body and learning from my injuries (and my physios, coach and trainers!) means knowing when to push on, when to rest and when to seek help. It’s this knowledge that lead to a recent success at Kinloch marathon, where my build up was marred by a series of small injuries; without the body awareness and resulting preparation I may not have even made the start line –instead I finished super strong reeling in loads of runners in the last few Ks"
Claire Fox, Trail Runner, Multi-Sporter, Corporate Warrior
C2C River crossing-657  “As a professional triathlete I am always trying to find that extra 1% and Bodyneed have more than catered for me in reaching my goals. The treatment and recommended exercises always have me back on my feet never missing training days. The team have learned what works best for my body and have transformed the way I can recover and train again. The athlete classes have taught me how to mobilise different parts of my body and I now practice these every night. This has helped with injury prevention and overall movement in all areas of the swim, bike, run.” Pip Meo – Professional Triathlete
Pip Meo Bike Small-193

Karen Finlayson About Karen and The Bodyneed Team:
"I have been in the health and sports industry for over 15 years (with qualifications in sports massage and clinical pilates) and have built up a thriving multidisciplinary Sports Clinic in that time bringing together some of Auckland’s top sports physiotherapists, massage therapists and pilates and movement specialists into the once space. Our knowledge is collective and we work together to empower our clients to not just get better but to learn how to stay that way. This workshop series draws not just on my own knowledge but on the extensive knowledge and experience of our team. We work with many elite and top level professional athletes from the NZ Football Ferns, elite netballers, professional triathletes, professional cyclists, ultra distance runners to CrossFit champions and this breadth of experience is what we want to share with you".


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