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MoveHIIT Timetable


Medium to High Intensity Circuit Training 

Train smarter, not harder with our natural movement inspired circuit classes.
Become strong to be capable, build physical competence and confidence no matter what your age or background.

In MoveSTRONG you will learn practical skills like lifting, carrying and climbing; you will sweat, you will get fitter, stronger & leaner plus we promise some crazy fun into the bargain.

Classes combine varied circuits of hanging, climbing, lifting, balancing, playing, jumping, throwing, crawling, running and laughing (sometimes!)
All levels of fitness and capability are catered for in this popular class. If you are unsure get in touch for a free assessment.

Equipment used: Your body! free weights, med balls, dead balls, plyo boxes, kettle bells, hanging bars
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High Intensity, Cardio Interval Training 

Transport your fitness and body to another level with this super fun class. Designed to boost your body into top gear maximizing calorie burn and blasting fat for hours afterwards!
Interval style body-weight (mostly) cardio training.  

Build a strong, fit body at your own pace - high or low impact - suitable for any level of fitness or body type as you work at your own intensity.

Equipment used: Mostly your body, free weights, kettle bells
Power Yoga

CardiYo360 Power Yoga 

By Ewa Bigio Yoga - Medium Intensity 

CardiYo360 is an intense sweat-inducing workout inspired by yoga postures and principles of breath and alignment. Using body weight, CardiYo360 is a core-centred strength building workout that will extend your flexibility through the dynamic sequencing of stretches in between the power building postures. The coordination of breath and movement will leave you feeling calm yet energised. Yoga experience not necessary but reasonable level of fitness recommended.

Equipment used: body weight
Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates Mat Classes

Low to Medium Intensity

Build your best foundation with a balance of inner strength and mobility - our pilates mat classes are the key to moving well now and in the future. They create a base strength that enables you to add higher intensity movements with ease - whether that's fitness classes or running marathons or lifting your kids!

We combine the precision and focus of contemporary pilates with a functional, endurance focus to boost your performance, strengthen, lengthen & condition your whole body from the core out! 

The perfect compliment to our higher intensity fitness classes and to your active life!

Equipment used: body weight, stability balls, bands, small weights, barres, rollers.

Reformer Pilates

Pilates Circuit

Medium Intensity

Set your own pace in our circuit of 12 different stations designed to strengthen, condition, build balance and coordination. An awesome full body workout!

Equipment used: Reformers, multi-chair, Bosu, TRX, free weights, med balls, body weight

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Low Intensity - Level 1 and 2 Classes

Create a balance of strength and flexibility no matter where your fitness is at. This Hatha style yoga is for tired bodies, athletes in training or anyone who needs to breathe, restore and recover.

Equipment used: body weight, straps, blocks, bolsters
Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

Low Intensity - All levels

Slow down, inhale and relax. Yin yoga is a slower paced practice that targets the connective tissues of the body encouraging smooth, healthy and supple fascia. Slow yoga (not necessarily easier!) and longer holds offer a much needed respite from the hectic pace of modern life! 

Equipment used: Body weight, bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets!

17 Maidstone Street, Ponsonby, Auckland

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