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MoveHIIT Timetable


Medium to High Intensity Circuit Training 

Train smarter, not harder with our natural movement inspired circuit classes.
Become strong to be capable, build physical competence and confidence no matter what your age or background.
In MoveSTRONG you will learn practical skills like lifting, carrying and climbing; you will sweat, you will get fitter, stronger & leaner plus we promise a bit of fun into the bargain.

Classes combine varied circuits of lifting, balancing, climbing, playing, jumping, throwing, crawling and running (optional)
All levels of capability are catered for in this popular class. If you are unsure get in touch for a free assessment.

Equipment used: Your body! free weights, med balls, dead balls, plyo boxes, kettle bells, climbing bars


High Intensity Dance Cardio Fun!

Take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, dance fitness party. Using Latin and World rhythms be prepared for a fun free-flowing dance workout!

Equipment used: Your body and a great attitude!

Hatha Yoga


Low Intensity

MoveFLOW is a 45 minute treat designed to lengthen and mobilise your body. Combining yoga style flows, self massage and myofascial stretches. MoveFLOW is designed to help with full body flexibility, supporting you to negotiate the day to day physical & mental stresses of life.

Equipment used: body weight, blocks, bolsters, rollers, massage balls


Med-High Intensity

MoveSCULPT is a kettlebell based class designed to give you a full body workout. Build a strong, toned, lean physique, increase your heart rate, and tick all your fitness boxes with exercises using kettlebells, dumbbells and your body-weight. 
Easily adapted to different levels and abilities. 

Equipment used: Kettlebells, Dumbells, Body-weight

Pilates Mat Classes

MoveWELL - pilates inspired

Low to Medium Intensity

Build your best foundation with a balance of inner strength and mobility - our MoveWELL classes are the key to moving well now and in the future. They create a base of strength that enables you to add higher intensity movements with ease - whether that's fitness classes or running marathons or lifting your kids!

We combine the precision and focus of contemporary pilates with a functional, endurance focus to boost your performance, strengthen, lengthen & condition your whole body from the core out! 

The perfect compliment to our higher intensity fitness classes and to your active life!

Equipment used: body-weight, stability balls, bands, small weights, rollers.


17 Maidstone Street, Ponsonby, Auckland

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