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Unlimited group classes!
Over 20 classes to choose from
No Contracts No joining fees!
Easy suspensions for holidays


$38 / WEEK

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Unlimited Classes for 1 week



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$27 / CLASS

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Can be used for all group classes
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$110 for 5 classes

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Do you have a joining fee?
No - its so easy for you to join online that it involves no admin for us - we dont see a reason to charge you 

Do you have set term contracts?
No - again we don't see the point of locking you into a term contract - if you want to change your membership or stop your membership you can at any time.

How do I cancel my membership?
Via Email - simply write into bodyneed@bodyneed.co.nz that you would like to cancel. Give us a week's notice and we will endeavour to cancel before your next weekly payment.

Can I suspend my membership if I am unwell or going away? 
Yes send an email to Bodyneed reception with the dates you need to suspend from and to. 

What does the Platinum Membership entitle me to?
Full access to all 21 plus of our group classes - pilates, yoga and HIIT classes - no restrictions. The only caveat is with the Pilates Circuit classes you are required to do a 1:1 training session first before joining the class. 

What happens at Xmas?
We always remain OPEN over xmas! We run at least 10 classes per week over the xmas break as many clients do not go away over this period. 

On Silver or Gold Memberships what happens if I miss 1 week or 1 class?
You can use your rollover - which means you can catch up a class the following week. You have 1 week's grace to use this. Just make sure you email us if this happens and we can make sure you are able to book the extra class/es the following week.  

What do I wear? Any special clothing or shoe requirements?
Comfortable clothing you can move and breathe in is the main requirement, for pilates and yoga classes you wont even need shoes! For some HIIT classes you may need shoes for brief running segments on the street - you will be prompted before the class if this is the case.

NOTE - please make sure you have enough funds to cover your membership payments as Ezidebit will charge you for dishonoured payments - this is clearly laid out in their terms & conditions when you sign up. We really dont want you to get surprised by extra fees so please take note :)
Ezidebit shall debit a dishonour fee of $9.20 direct from your account for any payment dishonoured by your bank within 7 days of the payment rejecting."


17 Maidstone Street, Ponsonby, Auckland

Parking: 3 carparks onsite and easy street parking;
more carparks are available on request – please
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