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Online, ACC or Private


For the best physiotherapy treatment, you won't get any better than Sonya.
Sonya has a wealth of experience and knowledge that's second to none!
From sports injuries to common back, shoulder, foot or neck injuries, Sonya will find the cause and put you on the path to enjoying your life again. It couldn't be easier!
To book for in clinic physiotherapy click the Book Now button below.
Or text Sonya for more information on 027 371 8722 or email her: physiotherapist@bodyneed.co.nz
For Telehealth Online Virtual Appointments please contact the clinic direct by phone or email.



Registered ACC provider no referral necessary (surcharge applies).

In Studio
ACC Initial $50
ACC Follow Up 45mins $50
ACC Follow Up 30mins $37

Private Initial $100
Private Follow Up 45mins $100
Private Follow Up 30mins $70

Telehealth Virtual Physiotherapy
ACC Initial $40
ACC Follow up $30
Private Funded $55
Please call or email to book virtual physio


Physiotherapy for Sports People

We are the Endurance Athlete Specialists working with runners, triathletes, multisporters & team players for improved performance and faster recovery.
Pilates and Movement Therapy for Rehab

Movement is a vital part of your rehabilitation and always included in your program of treatment - from rehab exercises to performance enhancing programs for athletes.
Physiotherapy for Back Injury

Back pain, spinal injury or surgical rehab; our specialist physios are experts at getting to the real cause of back pain and getting you better forever.

Physio for Cyclists

 We are in the process of launching some new services for Cyclists. More information to come...
Physio for Rehabilitation and Recovery

Injury rehab and recovery is better with a big picture approach.  Sort your injuries and pain for the long term.


Our practitioners are all qualified Acupuncturists - using this very effective technique where required to enhance your body's ability to heal. 



Our sessions are as long or as short as you want them to be. You choose what works for you. 
Longer lasting results
Our combination of massage, pilates, biomechanics,
physio and acupuncture has been proven to provide longer lasting results.
All our practitioners are senior specialists – which means you’re guaranteed the best right from the beginning.

If you see no change within the first 3 appointments we will refer you for a second opinion.
Sports Physio


Does your Physio do Sports Massage?

Yes if its appropriate for your condition. We no longer employ sports massage therapists and as such no longer offer it as a stand alone service. 

How is physiotherapy different to sports massage?

Physiotherapists are Healthcare Professionals, Sonya Ginty is a sports injury specialist.

Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose your condition and form an appropriate management plan according to your goals and needs.

Treatment can include a variety of techniques including massage, acupuncture/dry needling, taping, joint mobilisations, and tailored exercises. 

What can I expect from my first appointment?

First appointment will include a consultation and physical examination. Sonya will diagnose the condition you present with, and suggest a Management Plan (Treatment & Exercises).

Your Management Plan also begins within that first session.

Your Management Plan can typically include hands on treatment, in the form of joint mobilisations, acupuncture or massage, combined with taping.  

You are likely to be provided a tailored exercise programme to complete in your own time.
All treatment varies according to your injury, medical history and personal preferences. 

If Sonya thinks physiotherapy is inappropriate for your condition she will refer you on for investigation, or to see a specialist or suggest a different route of enquiry. 

Does your Physio use acupuncture?

Yes if you have no contra-indications and it is agreed appropriate for your condition. 

Does Your Physio do dry needling?

Essentially yes, dry needling is a form of acupuncture and Sonya is a trained acupuncturist for the treatment of pain.

Dry needling and acupuncture are used to help reduce muscle spasm and reduce levels of pain. Dry needling acupuncture facilitates the release of your body’s own endorphins and chemical mediators of pain into your system. 

Why do I need a 45 minute initial appointment?

See answer above re 1st appointment , 30 minutes will mainly involve the consultation and diagnosis. 
Shorter follow up appointments can be completed in 30 minutes if requested. 

Can I have taping as a stand alone treatment? 

Yes this can be organised as a stand alone treatment with short consultation in a 30 minute appointment. Typically this is appropriate preceding  sporting events and competitions. 

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