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'Love to Run'
Assessment, Video Analysis & Technique

Are you keen to run further, faster and with more joy?
Do you want to start running but not sure how?

Whatever your running goals we can assist you in achieving them.
Through observation and instant video feedback we assess your current abilities through the basic movement milestones of walking, squatting, jumping and running. We look at your "hardware" (structural stability of your foot & ankle) and your "software" (postural strength and stability i.e. ability to jump and balance on one leg). We start basic whatever your level, providing sound education and advice whilst at all times abiding by the mantra of Posture, Rhyme & Relaxation!

We offer a thorough running assessment paired with a comprehensive follow up plan - to ensure you reach your goals. In the follow up sessions we will review technique, progress exercises and make you run faster, harder, stronger. The Running Assessment + will give you the insights, tools and knowledge to achieve your true potential - fast.


To get the most out of your running assessment we have structured the assessment as one initial appointment and 3 follow up appointments. 
Initial Assessment - $120
Includes your current running status & your goals. An assessment of movement milestones, Running Video analysis, your strengths & weaknesses
We look at maximising your movement potential (active movements, hands on manual therapy & run specific drills)
- Second run analysis & comparison
- Footwear advise + home exercises prescribed for you
- Form a treatment plan together so you can step by step achieve your goal!
Follow up #1

- Running technique video review
- Plyometric based strength assessment
 - Exercise progression (strength, mobility or balance) based on your abilities
Follow up #2

- Hills (how to run up them, how to run down them, how to beat them!)
- Video observation in the great outdoors
- Drills to improve hill technique
- Review of foot function and squat technique
Follow up #3

- Video analysis of running at speed
- Plyometric strength assessment review and exercise progression
- Further specific strength assessment of pelvis / abdominals / lower limb with exercise prescription for you
Follow-ups are flexible and fully tailored to your running abilities with complete focus on you achieving your goals.
ACC subsidies may be available depending on your injury/current condition


Senior Sports Physiotherapist, Born To Run Coach

Originally hailing from the UK ​I had the great honor to train with the world-renowned running expert Lee Saxby. As a Born to Run certified coach I'm passionate about coaching the skill of running and I do this through the movement mantra of Posture, Rhythm & Relaxation. Running is very much a skill, one that can be broken down into its constituent parts and improved upon in order to create a more biomechanically sound & efficient runner. There is nothing more pleasing to me than seeing someone develop into a skilled runner, it looks and feels like art in motion!

Trail running is where you'll find me most weekends, getting muddy in a forest or exploring parks and tracks in my own back yard urban jungle. My background is actually in gymnastics and Triathlon but more recent years I found it's the freedom of running that really keeps me buzzing.

Through my own running journey I've experienced set backs and injury (even Physio's aren't immune!), however I have learnt some valuable lessons and hope to impart my knowledge to anyone with an open mind and willingness to have their own thoughts and bodies challenged.

Read more about Nat's skills and experience HERE

17 Maidstone Street, Ponsonby, Auckland

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