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Strength and agility are about more than just looking good. A strong body that moves well will help you squeeze every last drop out of life.  At Bodyneed we bring our expertise in massage therapy and physiotherapy into our pilates classes, shaping, molding and transforming bodies to move better than they ever have before.

"Bodyneed is where every Auckland athlete needs to be. The Pilates, recovery and movement classes should be an essential part of all training programs." Pip Meo; NZ Rep. Triathlete


Pilates is a low impact exercise form, perfect for every age, shape, and fitness level. Working alongside physios and massage therapists means many of our clients are coming through or dealing with injuries and our smaller classes mean we can provide more individual attention for specific needs.
Pilates exercises focus on improving core stability, strengthening your full body especially hips and abdominal muscles, improving breathing and flexibility while lengthening and releasing tension. This makes it the perfect exercise for men and women, expectant and new mothers, serious athletes, office workers and more.

Pilates for Runners


We have a range of classes designed to challenge you no matter what level you are at. From beginner level to advanced our expert trainers will modify the exercises to suit your ability or injury history. Smaller classes mean we can give you the attention required. Private Pilates appointments for injury recovery and targeted support are also available.

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Total Body Mat Classes

Mat & small equipment, balls, bands, rollers etc

Create the best possible you with this full body strength & conditioning pilates class. Focus on posture, spine, core stability and control.

Circuit Class with Reformer + Multi-Chair

Multi level

Follow your own programme at your own pace. This circuit class gives you a chance to work on your own specific needs be it strengthening and conditioning, mobilising or rehabilitation.  A mix of reformers, Multi-chair, Bosu, TRX and more.

Total Athlete Mat Classes

Mat & small equipment, balls, bands, barre, rollers

A pilates class with athletes in mind (open to all abilities); prevent injury, boost performance; strengthen, condition, stretch and build balance and coordination.

"I’ve been doing Pilates on an off for many years and for me the Bodyneed Total Athlete class offers the perfect balance between ‘strength’ and ‘stretch’. It is also great being with a bunch of like minded individuals who, along with the great teachers keep you motivated and inspired.  I’m not a serious competitor but do a lot of recreational activities including mountain biking, snowboarding and off-road running. This class really helps to develop balance and strength tip to toe.  I have also found that I’m not getting as many injuries which is great."
Leanne P. Mum, snowboarder, mountain biker, busy corporate
Power Up
Multi level

Power Up is a high energy, total body workout incorporating strengthening, conditioning, cardio and music - think of this class as pilates on steroids! Awesome for ALL levels, ages and stages - its fun, will make you sweat, tone and burn!
"The (Power-Up) workout on Tuesday evening was great. My gluts are reminding me they exist, it’s so good to experience muscle development again!!!" Karen H. Power-Up Class attendee
Private Pilates
1:1 or 2:1

All levels

Get the most out of your body with private pilates training. Great for yourself or bring a friend to boost your motivation!
$85 with concession x 5, $90 casual
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We offer a range of price options to suit everybody.  Pay as you go or benefit from our exclusive membership rates. 
We don't differentiate between mat and equipment classes as we believe that all pilates classes are of equal value to you and your body. You get just as much out of a mat class as a reformer class - its even better to do both!
Try us out today – your first week of classes are on us!

Casual all classes
5 class concession
$22 per class
$38/wk unlimited classes
$19/wk one class per week
Unlimited mat, barre & equip classes
per week

Unlimited mat, barre & equip classes
Suspensions available for illness or holidays
No fixed term contracts
1 mat, barre or equip class per week
per week

1 mat, barre or equip class/week
Over 18 classes to choose from
Roll over applies - if you miss a class you can make it up!
Bodyneed Sports Clinic Ponsonby Auckland


Bodyneed's studio has been designed to provide everything you need in one place to get your body feeling it’s best and moving like never before.

The custom-built studio is conveniently located at 17 Maidstone Street, Ponsonby, near Grey Lynn and Auckland city. Close to the Western Motorway, Bodyneed Sports Clinic is easily accessible from Mt Eden, Kingsland, Herne Bay, Sandringham, Mt Albert and the Greater Auckland Area.

Pilates for AthletesPilates Ponsonby Auckland


Karen Finlayson Pilates Training

Karen Finlayson
Bodyneed Owner, Pilates Trainer (Stott), Sports Therapist
Marion Guilbert Pilates Trainer

Marion Guilbert
Pilates Trainer

Natalie Gallant Physiotherapy and Pilates
Natalie Gallant
Physiotherapist, Pilates Trainer

Bodyneed is where every Auckland athlete needs to be. The Pilates, recovery and movement classes should be an essential part of all training programs. 
Pip Meo - Triathlete


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